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DDOS : the best ddos protection

We live in a world where broadband internet access is widely available, and the native security of popular desktop operating systems is quite poor.

These factors create an information « battlefield » where internet terrorists are able to harness incredible amounts of bandwidth to mount distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks against internet businesses. DDoS attacks cost businesses millions of dollars.

DDR has architected a solution to provide transparent DDOS protection service to your internet business, which requires little or no changes to your existing network infrastructure.

The latest news of PC and laptop security defense, we share with you, all articles and good services to protect you from DDOS attacks.

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DDR Shield is DDR’s flagship DDOS mitigation service. DDR Shield provides immediate, transparent mitigation of DDOS attacks. Generally all that is required for a victim site to become protected by the DDR Shield is for the victim site to request a new set of IP addresses for their webservers from their ISP, and for DDR to create shielded public Virtual IP’s that are presented to the Internet via a resilient DNS provider (such as UltraDNS.)

DDR Shield leverages a shared infrastructure to provide customers with a cost effective solution for DDOS mitigation. DDR Shield customers are required to pay a one-time setup fee and ongoing monthly fees. The initial setup fee is based upon the number of virtual hosts the customer requires protection for, as well as any additional services the customer requires; such as SMTP protection, SSL protection, or any custom applications. Once a customer subscribes to the DDR Shield service, additional services (such as Intrusion Prevention Services) can be added for a nominal monthly charge. Monthly charges are assessed as a baseline charge, plus additional charges for actual bandwidth used.

Security Consulting
DDR can perform a cooperative or zero knowledge assessment of your network and security infrastructure. DDR consultants combine penetration testing skills with design best practices to solve your security problems quickly.