DDOS Background

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[D D O S] Background

DDOS GROUP PROTECTED was formed in September of 2016 in order to meet the challenge presented by organized crime units that were extorting money from online gambling institutions.

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The scenario was similar to the occurrences of early 2000, when Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and CNN were knocked off the internet by large scale distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks.

As the football season progressed, increasing numbers of gaming site operators received threatening emails.

Sportsbook operators who ignored the ransom letters were generally DDOS’d mercilessly. Some operators who did pay were attacked anyway, reinforcing the notion that there are multiple criminal element groups at work.

Inserted some network monitoring equipment inline at one of the victim site’s network operations centre, and profiled the attack patterns. After significant data was collected, a complex, layered defensive network was designed and implemented.

Operational Info

has personnel based in Los Angeles, California, Vancouver, Canada, San Francisco, California, and London, England. DDR consultants are available to travel on-site to customer locations to perform assessments and other services as necessary.

Currently has an operations facility in Los Angeles, California that has multiple gigabit connections to the Internet backbone. A layered network design incorporating high performance stateless filters combined with stateful application layer filters provide clients with reprieve from DDOS conditions.

Has been providing mitigation services for a limited number of customers based on a « best effort » service level agreement since September 2003. DDR was able to provide 100% uptime for all customers during the Super Bowl in January 2004. DDR has continued to provide solid mitigation services for customers during the NCAA « March Madness » tournaments, which along with increased wagering, have brought additional attacks.